Thursday, March 21, 2013


Start Your Own Travel Business With ZERO Capital!

Enjoy the benefits of being a Travel Agent.

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to start your own business on a tight budget? Do you have a passion for service-based businesses? Or have you been searching for a job with no luck?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this may just be your chance to make it big in the travel and tourism industry.

A major player and one of the most trusted and sought-after Travel Agencies in Abuja, EXPLORICA TRAVELS & TOURS LTD., is opening its doors once again to train those interested in being professional Travel Agents.

What you stand to gain:
* How to be a Travel Agent
*What you need to be a Travel Agent
*Detailed and extensive training- All you need to know about international travel bookings for individual and corporate clients using computerised reservations systems, hotel reservations, professional exams to take,etc
*Building relationships with other renowned travel agencies and airlines
*Learn the secrets and techniques on how to be a qualified Travel Agent
*Testimonials from past students who either have set up or are on their way to setting up their own travel agencies
*And so much more
Only qualification needed- You must be computer literate!

Limited slots available and entry will be based on first-come, first-served basis, so hurry!!!

For inquiries, please send E-mail to: and use the word "TRAINING" as your subject.

EXPLORICA TRAVELS AND TOURS LTD is a fully registered and well-respected travel agency in Nigeria. It is licensed under the INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IATA) as well as being a member in relevant associations and bodies. Its Head Office is situated in Abuja, Nigeria.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Okay, so I am already feeling like I have accomplished much. Some "Sharps" have already contacted me and are thinking of a business plan and I even had someone give some new dimensions that would make us just marvel at how deep some people think when it comes to business ideas. I mean..... some people's imaginations can really run wild! I will be sharing this person's strategy as soon as her business is established (which won't be long) and in fact will be a feature on this blog. She already caters for events by making what we Nigerians call "small chops" which includes tasty snacks such as spring rolls, samosa, an assortment of peppered meats, etc. She has devised an ingenious means of incorporating the kunu (with a twist) into her small chops business.
 Yesterday was a first part in the "CHILLED NOURISHING DRINKS" series and Kunu (or Kunun zaki) was the main feature. In case you missed it, you can read it here.
I predicted that beginning from this year 2013 and beyond, no food business will fail. In my mind, although it may be somewhat tasking (but come on, which business isn't?), with the right attitude, creativity and passion, anyone is bound to make it ! And the merits are countless: *You don't need a shop. You can work from home. * You are your own boss., *The list goes on....
Alright, back to business!
Today, I am going to bring to you another nourishing drink that is as simple as A-B-C if you do not have the kunu-making skills and are not willing to learn.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This could change your life!
So, stay calm. Read carefully. Be creative. Be objective!
Ever heard of how someone started a business that ordinarily looked like something you wouldn't ever be caught doing and turned it around to be a major hit? Ever been faced with a lot of regret (and sometimes envy) for not cashing in on that opportunity when it crossed your mind? Ever silently kicked yourself for not being the one to tap into that business and earn all that money? Well, you are not alone!
Enter the "sharp guys/gals" as I like to refer to them.
These are a group of fast-thinking, business-savvy and creative group of people that can actually sell ice to the Eskimos. They can think up business ideas no one else is thinking of or that everyone else is shying away from and transform such businesses into major money-spinners. Those are the "SHARPS"!
As I always say, not all of us are called to do those glamorous jobs. Most hidden wealth is in fact in those jobs we consider "not chic enough for somebody like me to do". Well, sometimes we may need to wake up, smell the coffee and get on the go! Not all of us will own that 5-star restaurant or that karaoke bar and grill. Wake up!Time is precious....
Time to get up and make those new resolutions a reality

My thinking for 2013 and beyond is this: With the right attitude, exceptional creativity (you may refer to that as 'thinking outside the box') and relatively wise strategies, you can not go wrong with any food business. Yes, please quote me. People have to eat.
Alright let's get down to business!
For this piece, I'm only going to talk briefly about .....A group of drinks I choose to call:

Saturday, March 16, 2013


What you are about to read will amaze you!

Okay, so not all of us are called to venture into those "glamorous" businesses such as owning a spa, or a fashion house, or a nail salon. That not withstanding, money has to be made one way or the other. I, for one even in all my diva-ness *wink* am willing to do anything and I mean anything, to bring in any extra cash on the side as long as it is legit, not harming myself or anybody and does not clash in any way with my morals or spiritual beliefs. Hey, we are talking about money here aren't we? Grab this concept NOW or someone else will and would be raking in money by the time u are ready to.

Check this out- You get home after work. You are tired, hungry and totally stressed out. That's no excuse not to make a quick dinner or stew for tomorrow's office lunch. You walk into your neighborhood grocery store and what do u find in their freezer? Wait for it: