Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This could change your life!
So, stay calm. Read carefully. Be creative. Be objective!
Ever heard of how someone started a business that ordinarily looked like something you wouldn't ever be caught doing and turned it around to be a major hit? Ever been faced with a lot of regret (and sometimes envy) for not cashing in on that opportunity when it crossed your mind? Ever silently kicked yourself for not being the one to tap into that business and earn all that money? Well, you are not alone!
Enter the "sharp guys/gals" as I like to refer to them.
These are a group of fast-thinking, business-savvy and creative group of people that can actually sell ice to the Eskimos. They can think up business ideas no one else is thinking of or that everyone else is shying away from and transform such businesses into major money-spinners. Those are the "SHARPS"!
As I always say, not all of us are called to do those glamorous jobs. Most hidden wealth is in fact in those jobs we consider "not chic enough for somebody like me to do". Well, sometimes we may need to wake up, smell the coffee and get on the go! Not all of us will own that 5-star restaurant or that karaoke bar and grill. Wake up!Time is precious....
Time to get up and make those new resolutions a reality

My thinking for 2013 and beyond is this: With the right attitude, exceptional creativity (you may refer to that as 'thinking outside the box') and relatively wise strategies, you can not go wrong with any food business. Yes, please quote me. People have to eat.
Alright let's get down to business!
For this piece, I'm only going to talk briefly about .....A group of drinks I choose to call:


And first on the list is-
Did you just roll your eyes? Not if you knew the business potential that it holds.
While we all agree that kunu is a very nutritious  healthy drink and a great substitute for those fizzy carbonated soft drinks, not many of us are readily willing to buy this drink. The reason being that one is never really sure as to the source of water used in its preparation. Another source for concern is where the bottles are picked as vendors sometimes pick used empty water bottles from events, hospitals and sometimes refuse dumps.
Let's not spend too much time dwelling on that part.

A nice healthy glass of chilled kunu can be soothing as well as filling.
Photo Source:Nigeria galleria

What would The Sharps do?
I am thinking that The Sharps will quickly tap into this, considering that there is a huge gap in the market for those who really love this drink but can not afford to take chances in terms of their fear of the "hygiene factor" and are also willing to pay extra knowing that they are purchasing a neatly-prepared product.

Branding your containers is one sure way to stand out. You can do this by printing stickers with the name of your product, phone number or email, and so on....

Bottling with empty water bottles brings you right back into a category you do not want to belong to. Customizing your own bottles, however is capital intensive. My suggestion would be to sell in brand new 2 litre, 4 litre, 10 litre, etc containers or jerrycans you can easily get from the market. Include that into your cost.

Quality is key. Especially when venturing into an "ignored business". Go the extra mile to stand out of the crowd and become a brand to be respected. Why should anyone patronize you if your product is not of the finest quality? Ensure that whoever buys your product is getting value for money spent.

Being unique will quickly set you apart in no time. How about having different kunu flavors? Someone once served me a cold glass of Pineapple Kunu! And on a very hot day! The taste----- I can not find the right adjective to describe it! It was lovely, lovely, lovely! Blended pine-apple together with the pulp was added to the kunu mixture. I mean how healthy is that? Especially now that more and more people are being super health-conscious, this is guaranteed to be a seller!! This is the spot where you have to think hard. Think of other fruits that can compliment this so that becomes your best marketing point. Brand your stickers according to each flavor for easy identification. Don't forget to name it a cool name.

Pricing your product has to be at your own discretion depending on your target clientele.  However, keep in mind that quality is in no way compromised. One thing I always tell people is to be honest with yourself. Don't, in a bid to make your product have a low price, end up under-pricing your product. There are always people willing to pay extra because YOU are also offering EXTRA as opposed to what they can get from other vendors. Who would have thought that a single cupcake that sells on average of N50 could also be sold for N500 or more. Each cupcake maker offering something different and to different target clients.

Advertising your product is major. Get the word out there. Especially now with social media, the internet and word of mouth you have no reason not to make it. If this is what you think you can do, believe and the sky would not even be your limit.

Cater for events. Weddings, parties, pay for stands at fairs, etc. Remember good presentation is your best form of advertisement when it comes to this. Serve in nice cocktail glasses adorned with a slice of orange or mango, some ice cubes,etc and let's see if anyone would even touch a fizzy drink with a 10-inch pole at that event! Ask to be allowed to set up a stand at events, come along with a fruit blender or juicer. This adds some pizzazz and a sense of trust-worthiness as guests watch you work. Just do anything that will make guests ask for your phone number.

Glass of kunu adorned with a slice of pineapple.
Good presentation is the best form of advertisement..

Research! Research!! Research!!! - Google is your friend (I don't know where I got that from but it's so true). Don't stick to the same old, same old for an entire decade before bringing in fresh, new ideas. .

So there you have it!
My hope is that someone grabs this business idea, RUNS with it and tweaks it to his or her own benefit. By so-doing, you automatically become one of the Sharps! Lol!!
Please let me know of any success stories and will be more than delighted to advertise for you here.
I wish you all the best. Stay fabulous even in your hustle......

I hope to bring the concluding parts on this series as the days go by.

......The Market Diva.......


  1. God bless u 4 this. Its like talking to a close friend. I like how u r careful to allow ur readers space to do some thinking exercises. My head is filled with so many ideas now. I m very inspired. Thank yu

  2. Still LOLLL @ the sharps. Nice one. Inspiring