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Okay, so I am already feeling like I have accomplished much. Some "Sharps" have already contacted me and are thinking of a business plan and I even had someone give some new dimensions that would make us just marvel at how deep some people think when it comes to business ideas. I mean..... some people's imaginations can really run wild! I will be sharing this person's strategy as soon as her business is established (which won't be long) and in fact will be a feature on this blog. She already caters for events by making what we Nigerians call "small chops" which includes tasty snacks such as spring rolls, samosa, an assortment of peppered meats, etc. She has devised an ingenious means of incorporating the kunu (with a twist) into her small chops business.
 Yesterday was a first part in the "CHILLED NOURISHING DRINKS" series and Kunu (or Kunun zaki) was the main feature. In case you missed it, you can read it here.
I predicted that beginning from this year 2013 and beyond, no food business will fail. In my mind, although it may be somewhat tasking (but come on, which business isn't?), with the right attitude, creativity and passion, anyone is bound to make it ! And the merits are countless: *You don't need a shop. You can work from home. * You are your own boss., *The list goes on....
Alright, back to business!
Today, I am going to bring to you another nourishing drink that is as simple as A-B-C if you do not have the kunu-making skills and are not willing to learn.

Zobo actually tastes and looks like Kool Aid only that it is 100% all natural and loaded with lots of Vitamin C. It is  also a favorite for adults and children alike especially when the weather is hot.
The possibility of turning this into a major money spinner also depends on your ability to think outside the box and not stick to the same old, same old.

A jug of Zobo makes a perfect drink for entertaining visitors whether  young or old...

As much as we all love a drink of Zobo and most are very much aware of its health benefits, the same concerns that people have when they have to buy it from public places resonate the same as those of Kunu which I talked about yesterday.
To give a little bit more insight into the various ways that one can actually turn this into a money-making business, I have put down some easy-to-do yet guaranteed-to-make-money-ideas...

* Have you heard of Zobo Fruit Salad?

Zobo Fruit Salad (If the orange juice in the picture is substituted for Zobo)
Photo: Sourced.

Drizzle or rather pour a good portion of Zobo into bowls of freshly prepared fruit salad so that it settles at the bottom and slightly covers the fruit salad. This is guaranteed to be a hit at any event. You may however, need to invest in fruit bowls or cocktail glasses. Or better still, rent them from caterers when ever you get jobs.

*Have you heard of Zobo Smoothies?

Photo: Sourced

Another fantastic idea would be to pair Zobo juice with a good dose of freshly-made fruit smoothie and serve in nice glasses. Extra health benefits in this one. The trick here would be to experiment with different fruits to see which ones compliment the Zobo best. Use your imagination and creativity...

*Have you also thought of Zobo-Fruit Juice?
Or better still, Zobo Fruit cocktail?
A nice cold glass of Zobo-Fruit Juice
Photo: Sourced
This is actually similar to the Smoothie version, only the consistencies would differ with this one being not as thick as the Zobo smoothie. Freshly squeezed fruit juices mixed with Zobo for extra nourishment, natural flavoring and sweetness. Adorn with slices of fruits and get those cocktail umbrellas. In Abuja, you can get cocktail umbrellas and lovely straws at Dunes Supermarket in Maitama and I think Shoprite as well.

*Have you also heard of Spicy and Non-Spicy Zobo Juice?
Now, this is familiar...

Of course you have!
This is the commonest form of Zobo we know. And although some people may just want you to keep it simple and nice, you can still add an extra twist so that you cover a wide range of customers. Remember that your strategy should be to stand out exceptionally and that means doing things in different ways no one else is doing. You could  have * Spicy and sweetened, * Spicy and unsweetened,* Non-spicy and unsweetened, and so on. There is no limit as to how creative you are allowed to get. The unsweetened types will definitely be loved by diabetics most especially.

*Have you thought about or have any other ideas? 
Think. Think. Think...
There are so many ideas waiting just for you to bring to life
Photo: Sourced

For more ideas and suggestions on Branding, Bottling, Quality, Being unique, Advertising or Marketing, Pricing and Catering for events please read it here.

So there it is!
As always, I hope that someone out there will realize the great potential that this business holds, grab it and make the best use of all the information I have placed here.
Waiting in earnest to get some success stories and you bet I would be delighted to feature you on this blog.
I wish you all the best.
Stay fabulous.....even in your hustle!

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