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What you are about to read will amaze you!

Okay, so not all of us are called to venture into those "glamorous" businesses such as owning a spa, or a fashion house, or a nail salon. That not withstanding, money has to be made one way or the other. I, for one even in all my diva-ness *wink* am willing to do anything and I mean anything, to bring in any extra cash on the side as long as it is legit, not harming myself or anybody and does not clash in any way with my morals or spiritual beliefs. Hey, we are talking about money here aren't we? Grab this concept NOW or someone else will and would be raking in money by the time u are ready to.

Check this out- You get home after work. You are tired, hungry and totally stressed out. That's no excuse not to make a quick dinner or stew for tomorrow's office lunch. You walk into your neighborhood grocery store and what do u find in their freezer? Wait for it:


Yup! You heard me.
Blended, boiled, neatly packaged and frozen sachets of tomato puree in different varieties.

*Tomato and onions
*Tomato, tatase (the big red bell peppers) and onions
*Tomato, tatase, pepper and onions (in light, medium or intense heat strengths)
*Hot pepper, ginger and onions
*Hot pepper and garlic

*Use your imagination in this space. You can tweak it to suit what you like, probably add stickers to the packs or print your brand name directly on the packs*

I mean, is this heaven or is this heaven? Having to just pick a pack, drop it in your pot and voila! Well, that is if you are like me that detests those canned tomato purees that always end up turning a good stew sour despite all of the sugar and preservatives they are loaded with you should find this exciting right?

Good concept in my honest opinion
Photo courtesy 9ja foodie

This is definitely guaranteed to make a hit especially with the hustle and bustle in our daily lives. You can even offer delivery services for a small fee to your customers' offices, restaurants, etc. Imagine your sales with proper marketing during the festive seasons of Christmas, Sallah, etc. Your phone should be ringing off the hook!
I truly see this as good business and I cannot think of anyone else doing it. This would have been how big name brands such as Ayoola foods started off. As well as the makers of Ola-Ola pounded yam flour. Who knows if it turns out to be a product you can export?

Well, every business has its fair share of risks or problems. However, knowing those stumbling blocks ahead eases a lot of unwanted pressure in the end. The major problem such a business would have would be inavailability of electricity to power your deep freezer (but isn't that a major problem with most businesses in our dear country?).
And then transportation if one does not own a vehicle but where there is a will, there is a way isn't it? For starters you could try getting a tricycle (keke napep) to make deliveries.
Other than these, I believe this business should be a money-maker with the right attitude and marketing!

So what do you think?
Let me have any feedbacks and testimonials. I will be right here to make all the noise and market for you.

Stay fabulous!

The Market Diva.....

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